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hamon online streaming video   
 Songs and short comments

1 SANGE / Oval hamon
Sange is to scatter flowers. In Buddhism, flowers are scattered to make offerings to the Buddha. Scattering hamon sounds at the beginning of a concert is similar to the image of "sange".

2 Memories of "Petite conversation"  / Oval hamon
This piece was inspired by "Petite conversation," the ninth track of "le hamon," a CD of the 2009 hamon concert in Paris.

3 Shining  / One small hamon
It is played with a slightly brighter type of hamon muted. When I play this hamon, I get the image of golden light shining everywhere.

4 Loop / Two small hamons
This is a new song that I wrote for this recording.
While the theme is looping over and over again, it slowly and subtly develops.

5 Strange fruit / Two small hamons
This is also a new song that I wrote for this recording. The hamon on the right is the same Arabic scale hamon I used in "Loop", while the one on the left is the traditional Japanese "INSENPO" scale hamon.
I crossed these two and came up with a song with a strange theme.

6 Deep Sea / Two medium- hamons
When I play with these two medium-sized hamons, I feel as if I am in a deep sea, or deep in the forest.

7 The Glitter of Stars / Two small hamons

When I play this piece, the image of stars gliter in the night sky comes to my mind.The second movement of "blue flow", a collaboration with electroacoustic chiharu mk, is played with this hamon combination.

8 The World of Spitits / Two small hamons
When I play with the combination of these two instruments, I am drawn into a deep and mysterious world, and feel as if I have wandered into a world inhabited by spirits.
It is a world so big that it is hard to believe it comes from a small instrument.

9 The Large River / Large hamon
As I play the same phrase over and over with low tones, I feel the great flow of nature and think of reincarnation and so on.

10 Play with “hamon” / Five small hamons
I tried to play with hamon.
Hamon can make sounds in a variety of ways, such as bumping into each other or rubbing with sticks or hands.

11 Small sound object“Metalimbau” 
This is a sound object made in the image of "Berimbau," a Brazilian musical instrument made of gourd. Since it is made of metal, the name "Metalimbau" comes from Metal + Berimbau. This is also a creation of hamon artist Teppei SAITO

  11/Apr/2021 by Sachiko Nagata